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Today, business is developing more and more on the Internet, because it is much more convenient than, for example, opening a store. Own website on the Internet is a kind of reflection of the company’s image. As a rule, its owners scrupulously refer to any trifles in order to further expect the impact of the use of such a web platform.

So what do technicians do?

The phrase “technical documentation” brings to the surrounding melancholy. Sometimes people look at me with sympathy, they say, come on, hold on there! However, it is interesting to write technical texts. I speak as a man who once earned his bread by interviewing stars and writing ads.

Content writer Myths

1. The technical writer must know English perfectly.
In an ideal world – yes, but the reality is that it is ideal to know the language and write texts well – these are two different skills. Even in Ukrainian newspapers and magazines, there is always a literary editor who rules the stylistic and grammatical mistakes of journalists. Write texts pass language review by a native speaker, who is not unemployed, not a student, not a hairdresser but works as an editor of technical texts. For example, it was at my previous company. In the current company, language review is done by an editor from Denmark, who has a philological education in English.

2. The technical writer must know all the texts thoroughly.
Recently, a colleague addressed me: “Remember, you wrote an error message? Now we need to write another one on the same template. ” I asked to send the previous error message, to which he genuinely was surprised: “You wrote this one a few weeks ago, don’t you remember it?”

Having a phenomenal memory and good writing is again two different skills. Yes, the tech writer knows almost all the functionality of the product, but do not expect that he knows by heart thousands of pages of documentation, all messages, and labels. We are the people who use the search dozens of times a day.

3. Being a tech writer is not cool
There are developers who write code and create a product. There are testers who find bugs and make the product stable. And there are tech publishers who distract developers and testers from important work with their stupid questions to write help letters that no one reads. Unfortunately, there are companies where exactly this is considered. I know the company, where permission to communicate with the tester should be requested from his lead through Google document, and interview with developers to request at least a week through the ticket system, also through the lead.

A good product is hard to imagine without competent and timely documentation. And communication with the tech rather is not a force majeure. Each time to notify him via the ticket is ineffective, if not to say ridiculous. Time for this should be laid at the planning stage of the task. And to understand, read the help or not, it is enough to fasten Google Analytics. Therefore, the way the process of writing documentation is structured can be considered a kind of litmus test. If your work is not valued at the same level as other employees – do not think that you are not lucky with the profession, and do not rush to retrain in an engineer QA or someone else (I know such examples). In fact, you just had no luck with the company.
Writing technical texts is something like an entertaining logic game. Remember, in childhood, there were problems: “What is superfluous here: an orange, pineapple, elephant, lemon”. In the technical text about the same. You write the text, and then look for the “elephant.”

Well, for example, a developer comes in and says: “We need to add information that only the user can write, edit, and delete keywords in the company’s dictionary, which the admin has registered in his profile in our configurator the access code DATAADM”.
Every potential buyer who came to the website should understand what services and products he will find here, whether the sales proposal is the best among other competitors on the Web. It is very important that the information on this page is the most informative, useful and, most importantly, interesting.
Our staff employs only the best website content writers who approach their responsibilities responsibly and creatively. Web group Adrenaline Studios provides services for creating websites and filling them with information that is necessary to convey to the target audience.

What are the responsibilities website, content writer

  • Formatting and placing text on the Customer’s materials, publishing news, press releases, processing and uploading photos;
  • A specialist can provide a kind of site maintenance, regularly filling it with new informative articles;
  • Translation of articles into a foreign language is possible if you order website promotion to foreign markets.

What is necessary to fill the site with good content – Digital Agency London

The need to fill the site with texts arises at each customer after the development of a web project. He himself does not always have the time and labor resources to perform the most important work – to write and post content.
At the same time it should be not just a set of words, but a structured text with subtitles and useful knowledge. It is for this that the services of website content writer who will create the necessary text taking into account the wishes of the customer are needed.

Content is unique information, texts, graphic images, multimedia (photo / audio / video) for the company presentation. It is safe to say that the content part of the site has a great influence on the visitor when making a purchase decision.

As the statistics show, the visitor devotes 5% of the main time to view the design, 15% spends to figure out the navigation, and the remaining 80% of the time he views the information content.
The properly composed and structured text will increase the company’s chances of attracting the target audience. Entrust the complex work of filling the site with content by website content writer specialists from our company.

What is the work of website content writer

Writing articles for websites from the website content writer from Adrenaline Studios consists not only in presenting the material but also in optimizing the text for key phrases. And this is already a significant part of the work of website promotion in most searching-systems.
When ordering a text writing from an experienced website content writer, you get content that will attract the visitor’s attention and make it clear that your product is the best choice. After all, no matter how bright the site, without meaningful information, its work will not be productive.

Currently, few people can write “selling texts”, because without having experience and knowledge in the field of copywriting, it is impossible to create a website with high-quality content.

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