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Every year, authoritative resources make their own rating of the best agencies in the field of design, website development and mobile applications. This TOP of the best allows you to identify popular industry trends. For companies, participation or victory in the rating is an opportunity to make high-quality advertising of their services. The label “Choice of the day of the month of the year” appears on the company’s website – and then even users who have never heard of the TOP design studios can inadvertently throw a point towards the company’s attractiveness for their project.

The most important thing that such ratings of design companies give is the opportunity to see examples of the best, to be inspired by their values. It is much easier and faster to cut your own path in the design world, collect successful experience and examples of popular trends in the footsteps of those who have already achieved success than in your own. This is the essence of the ratings.

Best Web Design Agencies of 2018

Below is an overview of the best agencies of 2018 according to the world renowned web design resource Awwwards. In addition, we have compiled the TOP 5 companies in the USA and New York – recognized industry leaders who set the mood in the world of design.

The first the last

 Company office: Kiev, Ukraine

Specialization: Design, Web Development

The First The Last projects use the fashionable “magazine” trend. The designers picked up the general nostalgia for print – and reflected this in their designs. The company’s websites are replete with tasty typography, only occasionally set off by bright fashion images. Thus, forming an association of the site with an expensive glossy magazine among visitors.

Ukrainians have proved that setting the bar high is not feeble-mindedness and courage, but healthy ambitions, and the only way through hardships to victory. The guys decided that it would be better to tell about them the skill and creativity with which they approached the development of their corporate website, including. The nomination for “Studio of the Year-2018” in the Awwwards rating proves that they were right.


Company office location: Brescia, Italy

Specialization: Web Development, Design, SEO

Adoratorio designers approach their work with a true Italian sense of beauty. The Italians brilliantly put the main emphasis in their works on a person’s striving for harmony and tactile joys. What the Danes call “hygge” is what Italians have embodied in their works, bringing in them a share of their country’s traditional love for fine art and delicate details.

Unusual textures and images when looking at Adoratorio sites evoke one sensation – to touch. “We touch the digital world with a special delight,” the developers declare, true to their direction.


Company office location: Paris, France

Specialization: Design, Web Development

In 2013, web design moved from detailed texture rendering to minimalism and flat tendencies. Websites have become somewhat similar to each other. And in the same year, the independent studio Bonhomme appeared, the creators of which put harmony and naturalness in design at the forefront. The studio’s credo is realism, perfected in its simplicity.

Over the years, the studio has received many eminent customers in its ranks. The harmony of simplicity was chosen for their products by Google, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, Festival De Cannes, Coca-Cola, etc.

“The success of a project depends on the quality of teamwork,” say Bonhomme experts.

On the studio’s website, you can subscribe to news – and the latest information will come directly to the mail.


Company office location: London, UK

Specialization: Design, Development and Marketing for eCommerce

“We help sell brands online” is the motto of the London-based studio. In their projects, Rotate designers are guided by the business and active world, living according to the requirements of “Time is money”. In its work, Rotate professes minimalism and maximum functionality of each pixel on the site – nothing superfluous, distracting from the purchase. The WOW effect is achieved through purity shading functional elements and unobtrusive animation. All this does not interfere with the overall effective rigor of the design, which is pleasant to perceive on the go from the screen of a mobile phone.


Company office office: Coimbra (Portugal), Porto (Portugal)

Specialization: design, web development, corporate identity.

In the design of their projects, Burocratik uses a traditional wow effect with a spectacular presentation screen, which actively uses atmospheric photos and video clips. In the design of projects, the stake is made on the fact that the user really felt the presence and involvement in the product. Everything to give the feeling as if you were holding the product in your hands.

Realism-focused projects earned the studio an Awwards nomination in 2018. The presentation of each project is published on Vimeo on the corporate channel. The channel is regularly updated with new projects.


Company office location: Florence, Italy

Specialization: Design for Digital and VR

Another Italian studio decided to focus on another trait – a passion for beauty and the new. Their specialization is the not yet fully mastered area of ​​project design for VR. Uncommonness, brightness on the border of virtual and familiar reality – what the studio developers promise. Innovation and originality are already promised by the studio’s corporate website, which hypnotizingly lures you into a new reality with the help of animation. “We are a group of talented people who are constantly looking for something new and interesting, and in our work, we make every effort to expand our boundaries” – this is how the Monogrid team positions itself. We clearly show the portfolio of works – they manage to realize their plans.

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