What is Affiliate Marketing

The concept of relationships in affiliate marketing is based on the interaction of the advertiser and the user to promote any resource on the Internet.

The user’s earnings are based on attracting active people to the affiliate program for which he works, and on purchases of the advertised product/service, accomplished thanks to the activity shown by the partner: the visitors attracted by him perform targeted actions and thus receive their reward.


Affiliate marketing is an advanced technology on the Internet, in which a certain amount is paid to a partner for a targeted action, performed due to his activity. Under the target action here can be meant a visit, lead, purchase – anything.

As a rule, visitors are redirected to the customer through banners, posts, links on the partner site. Affiliate marketing includes many standard online promotion tools, such as SEO, email marketing, display advertising, SMS and more.

Pros and cons of the method


  • For the advertiser – audience growth, large coverage of potential customers.
  • For partners – “easy money”, fast profit without investment and great effort.
  • For customers (buyers) – “energy savings.” If the partner’s site is relevant to your offer, then visitors are potentially interested in the offer.

Examples of affiliate marketing

Suppose you have a shop. Your main product is a denim jacket for $50. You buy these jackets for $25. Add the cost of travel, rent and other – another $5 per jacket. Total I have a net profit of $20 from 1 jacket.

You also have a friend Jim, he is a student. And he knows that denim jackets are very popular with his fellow students. Jim and you agreed that he brings his fellow students to your store and for every jacket sold – you pay Jim $5. You shook hands and Jim becomes your partner.

In this situation, everyone wins:

  • You because you sell more jackets.
  • Jim, because he gets his profit.
  • Jim’s classmates because they received high-quality jackets.

Affiliate marketing on the Internet

Everything is the same on the Internet. You choose a product that you will promote (it can be a video course, training, and so on), register, get a link to this product and start promoting it.

Pros of this marketing

Here, the advertiser gets:

  • The audience grows, large coverage of potential customers.

The partners get:

  • “Easy money”, fast profit without investment and great effort.

The customers get “energy savings.” If the partner’s site is relevant to your offer, then visitors are potentially interested in the offer.

How to start with Digital Agency London

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  • Joining a program, do the following things.
  • Choose a niche.
  • For a successful start, you should care about everything that is connected with the business which you want to start. It includes the product or the service and sure, the people who can become your buyers in the future.
  • Find the right program.
  • Start working.

There are many ways to attract traffic, which at the same time can be used simultaneously. Here are the most popular channels to attract traffic are:

  • Advertising banners;
  • Social networks;
  • Newsletters;
  • Reviews.

Use all the tips mentioned above and you will succeed.

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