What is Agile Project Management

What is Agile Project Management in 2019

What is Agile Project Management

Today, there are several methodologies of project management called agile project management. When using them in the work, much attention is paid for a relationship, while the documentation goes by the wayside. Here are the theses that characterize it:

– People and their interaction are more important than processes and tools;

– The finished product is more important than the documentation on it;

– Cooperation with the customer is more important than rigid contractual restrictions;

– Reaction to change is more important than following a plan.


One of the most popular methodologies of agile project management is Scrum. Although usually few people use classic Scrum, it is complemented by engineering practices from other flexible methodologies.


In Scrum, three main roles are mentioned:

  1. Product owner — this person can be not a member of the team, he is responsible for the backlog list and assigns priorities to the backlog items of the product.
  2. Scrum-master is responsible for the processes, coordination of work and the social climate in the team.
  3. The team contains all the necessary specialists, implements the requirements of the owner of the product and, as a rule, consists of 5-9 people. With more people, it becomes difficult to maintain flexibility and efficiency. Scaling is carried out by forming a second team with its scrum master and PO.



A scrum meeting is an event when all participants of the project meet, and each team member answers the following questions:

– What has been done from the previous scrum meeting?

– What are the problems they have?

– What is planned for the next scrum meeting?

If the 1st and the 3rd questions to synchronize the team, then the second one is intended to help solve problems — either at a scrum meeting or after, if the problem requires additional discussion.

When you prepare for this meeting, you will need a backlog of the product for planning. Tasks with the highest priority form backlog sprints. They must be fully understood by all team members, and the owner of the product must be aware of what he gets on the sprint review. Since the sprint meeting is strictly limited in time, the team determines the amount of work that it must perform within it. Adrenaline Studios team always conducts these meetings.


Backlog task evaluation

Planning Poker is a technique for evaluating tasks (in story points) for a future sprint, in which each team member writes an estimated difficulty on the card and puts it face down. Then all the cards are turned over and the discussion begins. If the majority of participants gave almost the same assessment, then everything is good and you can consider it. If a member of the team gives a too low or high mark, which is very different from others, you need to reassemble the task. Perhaps he didn’t understand well enough or he didn’t have enough experience in solving such problems.


The sprint review

The sprint review is a demonstration to the owner of the product of the working functionality developed for the sprint. The main task is to get feedback. Such a demonstration motivates the team and forces them to complete tasks on time.

If you want to get high-quality feedback, it is much better to conduct a sprint review during a personal meeting of all project participants, and not just send a presentation to the customer. Specialists must be involved in the demonstration; this reinforces team responsibility.


Sprint conclusions

The scrum master gathers the entire team to discuss the results of the sprint immediately after the sprint review, in order to quickly get feedback.

– What was done well?

– What can be improved?

– What improvements will be made?

These questions must be answered by the team during the discussion.

Agile project management works if all team members show their loyalty and interest in work.

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