What is and How to Create a Content Plan

What is and How to Create a Content Plan

What is and How to Create a Content Plan

The maximum effectiveness of the campaign depends on the content. What is better, the traditional approach with the preparation of all the content for the month ahead or experiments during the week? One of the directions of work of our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is creation of content plan, and our specialists are ready to carry out even the most difficult task.

The work begins with a study: we analyze the specifics and audience of the brand, how close this or that topic is to it, whether the entertainment content is suitable, how much product content can be published, so as not to overload users with it.

Content plan for the month

Most brands operate according to the classic monthly content plan. At the first stage is created the rubricator and on its basis a plan is developed with themes and product. You can add situational content to planned publications and adjust it if an unforeseen event occurred or the audience did not like some topics. Such a strategy does not require frequent updating of information, rather its constant addition.

Having in front of you a plan of publications for the month ahead, you can very effectively manage both your own time and the work of the team, distributing tasks among the performers. Planning in advance allows you to involve the whole team at once, and not just a few SMM-managers.

Work on the plan will affect the consistency of the content. Your audience will know what to expect from the brand, how often new content is published and what topics it is dedicated to. The publication schedule will give maximum engagement without downtime. This principle is followed by our client Ararat. This is a large international company, so the main product and information content is prepared for 3 months. Agreed at all levels of the company themes are sent further to other markets. Ararat’s global strategy is designed for all countries of the brand’s presence, therefore it is difficult to use situational content, and relevant topics will be different for all countries.

Then individual teams from other countries translate general content into their own language and create local content that is relevant specifically for their markets, publish memes.

Plan your future events and activities: the launch of a new product on the market, annual conferences, cultural events. And dilute with company news, promotions, reactions to resonant events.

Experts advise while making a plan for the month to consider the questions:

What events and launches are scheduled for this month?

What are the content targets for this month?

What publications can you plan in advance and for which you need to leave a place?

What kind of experiments with topics you want to spend?

Content plan for the week

The newsjacking method – linking your ideas to the most discussed news, will be effective as long as people are in context.

This is the best method if the audience of the brand is ready for experiments. You can plan content for the week ahead and vary it greatly, always managing to respond to current topics and deliver the same products through trends and the latest news.

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