What is Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity

Brand identity is a visual image of the company, which should attract the attention of the buyer, who has long been accustomed to all modern types of advertising.

This means that creating brand identity is not an easy task and requires immersion in all the details of this process.

Often, creating brand identity, entrepreneurs make several common mistakes. This is either the pursuit of the latest trends in branding, or the underestimation of the importance of creating the style of your business.

In the first case, you can get an absolutely incompatible style for the company, in addition, it can cost a lot of money and, most likely, will not bring the desired result. Therefore, it is best to highlight the particular qualities of your product or service, which should be concisely underlined by elements of identity and based on this when choosing colors, fonts, etc.

In the second case, many people think that brand identity is a privilege of large companies and they do not need it. Despite the fact that such an opinion is quite common, it is absolutely no reason to abandon the idea of ​​identity. It will help any company look more presentable in front of potential customers or partners. Moreover, now there are online services with the help of which it is very easy to create a visual image of your company without any special expenses.

What is the brand identity created for?

Corporate style performs important functions in the life of the organization:

External image. The style of organization is an important component of your company’s image and creates its unique image, which contributes to increasing recognition and reputation.

Association with the firm. Corporate identity elements evoke a direct association with the organization among customers.

Difference from competitors. Corporate identity helps distinguish your products from competitors.

The identity of the organization includes all the design attributes, starting from the logo and ending with literally every piece of paper used by the company. The use of all this should be described in the brand book.

When choosing a color range of brand identity, consider how color affects the perception of a person.

Text components of the corporate identity, such as the name or slogan, are intended for a concise acquaintance of the client with your company. It is necessary to give them due attention and take care that the name and slogan contain the most important information about it. Also important is the font.

The logo is the most informative and at the same time concise graphic or textual element of corporate identity that creates a visual image of the company and helps to attract customers. The logo is used in all components of corporate identity, advertising (signs, posters, banners, citylights, billboards, prismatrons, booklets, stickers on vehicles, signs, indexes), and also identifies the company’s products.

Elements of style graphics are business cards, letterheads, favicons, envelopes, badges, etc. They combine all other elements of brand identity. The presence of each of these attributes of style-forming graphics indicates a high level of organization of the enterprise.

Stand out from the competition, create the image of the company and attract more and more customers with it.

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