What is Branding Definition

What is Branding Definition

What is Branding Definition

The branding definition is used to specify the unique product or service that belongs to a specific company.

In the modern world there is a whole generation of people who can be called brand-dependent. That is why a detailed study of this issue and its introduction into any business is extremely important.

Why do you need branding?

Branding is a series of pre-planned and related activities that are aimed at creating a positive image of a certain brand (in the initial stages). Branding can also be aimed at maintaining and improving positions in the market of an existing brand. The main purpose of branding is to create a unique, and most importantly – a strong image of a particular brand.

Branding definition can include a lot of different marketing activities, such as:

– positioning + creation of USP (unique sales offer);

– creation of unique graphic and verbal symbols – name, slogan, logo, jingle, corporate style, and so on;

– monitoring the market of competitors;

– selection of carriers that will broadcast the main idea of ​​the brand;

– promotion.

In the process of long and hard work, brand owners may encounter the following issues:

1) Brand extension is a measure that is used during the creation of new brand products. This applies to those cases where the entrepreneur decided to distribute a certain product or service to a wider target audience. Example: Initially, the brand entered the market with goods for men only, but in the process of work it was decided to expand the range of goods for other categories – women and children. This is called brand extension;

2) Stretching a brand is a manipulation that is used to conditionally expand the range, but this is not due to the emergence of some fundamentally new products, but due to the appearance of updated old goods or services. Thus, the brand does not change either the target audience or the purpose of the product, but improves the consumer benefit from the use or use of this product;

3) Sub-creation is a series of activities that are used during the creation of similar products to existing ones. As a rule, they are distinguished either by particular simplicity, or vice versa – by special fancy;

4) Creating a brand family is the creation of a number of products that will be combined with something special (technical characteristics, innovation, and so on). This method is used to save money, since the promotion of all these products on the market takes place either according to the same scheme, or even simultaneously. For example: a brand in one commercial advertises several products of the same series at once.

In the past century, among business owners, the idea was that branding definition is related only to bifcorporations. However, as practice has shown, in fact it is not. Small firms should also pay attention to branding.

First of all, it is necessary for the formation of a positive image and recognition in the market. Even if your company does not serve a million customers a year, but at least a couple of hundred or a thousand, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have true fans. There is an erroneous judgment that branding is only advertising on the central channels, the most expensive billboards and the most influential opinion leaders. No, in fact, branding is just a measure of product promotion, and their scale depends solely on the size of the business itself.

Branding definition for a small organization should be done taking into account unique selling proposition. Think that you have something that your competitors do not have. Then think about what things formed the basis of your business, and, in general, why you started all this – this is your mission and fundamental values. Then these data need to be correctly and correctly formulated and put into the masses. Your task is to make your potential buyer know, and most importantly, remember something good about you and your company.

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