What is Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising

Internet is every minute in the process of development. This modern network requires gast and decisions, because it’s the only way to get the maximum result.

If you want to have information about current methods of promotion and advertising, it is worth exploring in detail the most popular and promising methods of digital marketing.


The most effective types of digital marketing:

  • Contextual advertising. This type of website promotion uses methods that have already become classics, while, thanks to the introduction of new algorithms, contextual advertising allows increasing the amount of traffic on the website. With proper configuration and appropriate investments, first results can be obtained in the first 12 hours;
  • Passive promotion based on content adaptation to popular key phrases. Thanks to SEO, it is possible to significantly increase the amount of organic traffic, while the number of investments is fully justified by the result. The problem is the speed of the result, so this method is not used as the only way to advance;
  • Display advertising. Banners have become a familiar element of any web page, but for more than 10 years this method has been used to popularize Internet resources, services and products. The main advantages are the simplicity and speed of launching ad campaigns, as well as a variety of targeting options. As in the case of contextual advertising, this method is also very expensive;
  • Email marketing. Many emails have long been buried, having been thrown into a large chest with the rest of the outdated methods;
  • Conducting PR campaigns. Western companies regularly use this method of promotion, while it is comparable to the effectiveness and speed of contextual advertising;
  • Content Marketing. A rather new kind of promotion, the concept of which was formed along with the development of the Internet. The main requirement is the use of text and media materials that can attract customers with its content.

Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is ready to cooperate, providing project management and digital marketing, using the last trends, such as:

  • Media content. Text materials are the basis for all types of materials in the network, while next year it is worth concentrating on the increased number of video materials. Laziness is an engine of progress, and even with the indisputable importance and availability of text materials, watching a video allows you to simplify the perception of information, making it more native to humans;
  • The popularity of social networks is declining daily, as modern instant messengers have practically replaced them. The presence of groups, simplification of targeting, communication with clients without intermediaries, all this increases their effectiveness against the background of social networks. In 2019, you should adapt your own content for distribution in instant messengers, this will attract more traffic;
  • Mobile traffic. The number of mobile devices has increased by a factor of 2–3 over several years, so the mobile traffic segment has long exceeded 50%. Adaptation of websites and applications for mobile platforms will increase the number of visitors and customers.
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