What is Growth Hacker Marketing

What is Growth Hacker Marketing

What is Growth Hacker Marketing

“What is growth hacking and how to use it?”. This is a search query, that does not allow modern Internet marketers to sleep peacefully.

The growth hacker marketing is a method, that helps to automate product promotion processes and analyze results. Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is ready to cooperate, providing project management and growth hacker marketing of the highest level for its clients.


Five whales of growth hacker marketing

The world is becoming more complicated – today three whales are no longer enough to keep afloat. Growth hacking strategy is based on the routine, which together leads to creativity – a creative breakthrough and ascension over traditional media advertising.

The main features are:

  • Constant study of the product;
  • Constant study of the target audience;
  • Use all known marketing tools;
  • Permanent alpha beta test results;
  • Analytics using computer programs.

Analytics put the final point, but it is with the analysis of the processes that the morning hacker begins. Growth Hacking’s credo is a focus on results, while analytics provide insights on the degree and level of achievement.

Growth hacker conducts dozens of experiments, trying on the promotion of the product all possible techniques, testing any available path to the consumer. All ineffective, non-prompt directions are discarded without regret.

A new test suite is created and after the end of the control period the results are again evaluated. All non-performing methods are discarded again, and this continues until there is an explosion in sales growth.


Funnel of work with the target audience

Ideally, the grow haker seeks to build a sales funnel on the basis of quicksand, which inevitably draws every casual passer-by into the community of regular users. It is customary to distinguish between three levels of customer evolution:

  • random visitor.
  • active member
  • regular user.

The first task of growth hacking is to attract the target audience to the site. For this, the needs of potential customers are being studied in depth for the product being promoted – why they need it, how they use it, what problems they solve, what pleasure brings them consumption, what pain eases.


The question of search engine promotion – what words does the target audience talk about the product? The search query must exactly match the way in which the target audience expresses thoughts.

The second level of the funnel, the visitor has already arrived at the site and some lingered there. How to involve him in activity? To stimulate any registration, subscription, to engage in the life of the project. As soon as a client subscribes to RSS – he has already created an emotional link for himself and will always remember about this site every time, thinking about the product.

The third stage is when the client begins to use the product on an ongoing basis. And once he constantly uses, it means that he will share his impressions in social networks and offline. Here it is, the long-awaited viral effect and the explosive growth in sales.

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