What is Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation

Lead generation is the practice of receiving requests from potential customers. Initially, lead creation took place on trade shows, when visitors filled the card with their contact information and left it to get information about upcoming sales. With the increasing influence of the Internet, lead creation has become an online procedure. It is used in Adrenaline Studios agency as well.

The obtained contacts can be different. Further, you will read about their main types.



These are the applications that are generated as a result of the work of “word of mouth”. Their advantages are high profitability and a good level of conversion. However, seeds have a significant drawback — there are too few of them since they appear as a result of not fully controlled activities.



This type of contact includes applications that come through online marketing channels. The advantage of Nets is that there may be a lot of them due to the breadth of the channels used. Additionally, their generation is easily calculated and predictable. The disadvantage of the Nets is that many of them are not the target audience, which means their conversion is lower.



The generation of this type of leads is the result of the seller’s direct impact on them, which involves targeted efforts to personalize the commercial offer. Such contacts have a good conversion and great profitability if it is a large client. The latter advantage will result in a disadvantage if the buyer is small.

Lead generation cannot have poor quality. That is, the sales department should receive targeted traffic. Otherwise, no matter what professionals the sellers are, they will not do anything if they do not work with their own audience.

That is why everyone entering the CRM lead must be qualified to match the portrait of the client.


5 ways of getting them

Applications can be received on more than 2 dozen channels. The whole trick is to find your 2-3 effective ways to get leads. Pay attention to 5 of them.


Inbound channel

It is your own blog or website filled with useful free content. If the buyer trusts it having at its disposal useful information, he should be able to:

– register for getting useful newsletters;

– download free e-Book;

– get a call for consultation, webinar;

– purchase the product.



The e-Book mentioned above is a factor and even a channel, which enhances the generation of leads. Its use is particularly effective in the B2B and B2P segments. It works in complex technology solutions, as professionals value innovation and knowledge.



“Promotion through training” is the formula for this way to attract leads. The webinar itself is most often a free form of education. Use one of the available platforms. Make sure that the selected service allows you to post forms to fill out the participants, download an e-Book, and subscribe to the newsletters. Promote your webinar by calling your target audience, email, and SMM.


Networking on third-party events and event marketing

These are off-line lead generation methods that are also effective. Spears mostly come through these channels.


Chat bot

Chat bot can perform a lead generation and even selling function. In addition, it can be a key element of service after sales support. The latter is also very important, as it increases customer loyalty, which will then return to you again and again.

In any case, a chat bot can perform the following actions for you:


– Sign you up for the newsletter, if his script is verified and optimal;

– Provide with additional materials — texts and video;

– Answer questions;

– Finally, even sell the product without your participation.

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