What is Marketing Management

When it comes to digital marketing and project management in the IT industry, marketing management plays a vital role. No modern business is able to exist without turning to the services of an IT specialist. A variety of different products can be purchased and custom made hence the right strategy in terms of managing marketing risks and assessment of market conditions will have to be carried out!

What is marketing management to us and why we are regarded as the best in the business?

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  • We specialize in designing and developing custom made IT products which include software development, production of mobile applications, web design and online game production as well as its monetization. Irrespective of what our potential client will need strong and in-depth marketing analysis will have to be carried out in order to make the final product successful!
  • We carefully consider what our clients need and would like us to make for them. However, our mission goes far beyond that as we will analyze what the current market conditions are, what competitors currently offer, n what why market conditions may change in the foreseeable future and what can be done to handle such challenges successfully.
  • Our marketing team consists of outstanding experts who closely monitor everything that happens on the IT market, therefore no matter what a potential client asks us for, a viable marketing management approach will always be offered. This is done for one simple reason, as we want our product to be successful, contribute well to your business, be long-lasting and generate revenues for your company. Our reputation is based on those factors because everything that we have made was very successful!

This high level and record of success would have been impossible to reach if it had not been for our professional marketing team. Every single detail of in-depth analysis that they come up with is carefully considered and assessed so correct recommendations and directions are given to the design and development team. Therefore, when it comes to the production of the IT product, it is done not only right with the latest technologies but also on the basis of impeccably crafted marketing management strategies.

  • Marketing management is an analysis of the market environment and internal capabilities of a company, planning, implementing and monitoring activities to achieve the company’s business objectives (making a profit, increasing sales, increasing market share, etc.).
  • Marketing management involves planning, conducting events designed to establish, strengthen and maintain profitable exchanges with target customers in order to achieve certain organizational goals, such as making a profit, increasing sales, increasing market share, etc.
  • The task of marketing management is to influence the level, time and nature of demand in such a way as to help the organization achieve its goals.
  • There are two levels of marketing management: strategic marketing and tactical marketing.

Strategic level in Digital Agency London

The strategic level of marketing management (marketing strategy) is the long-term coordination of the capabilities of the company with the situation on the market, i.e. in coordinating the internal and external environments of the company. A marketing strategy is often confused with the goals of a business development company. However, unlike goals, a marketing strategy is a plan to achieve these goals, which should reflect all the elements of marketing, financial resources, and production capabilities.

The most common marketing strategies are:

  • improving the organizational structure of the company;
  • organization of penetration into new product markets;
  • development and introduction of a new product on the market; penetration of new markets through the creation of joint ventures;
  • cooperation with firms with experience in successfully operating in the markets of interest.

Tactical level

The tactical level of marketing management (marketing tactics) is focused on the formation of market demand for existing goods and services of the company.

Possible ways to implement marketing activities at this level of management can be as follows:

  • market research with the aim of generating demand and sales promotion;
  • analysis of goods and management of their nomenclature in order to maximize the satisfaction of market requirements;
  • direct contacts with consumers; staff growth and training; active participation in exhibitions and fairs; expansion of the range (diversification) of manufactured goods;
  • creation and improvement of service efficiency; adaptation of the product to the specific requirements of the buyer; promotional events; price management.

Marketing Manager is an official of a company engaged in the implementation of plans and/or performing control functions.

What is marketing management in the IT industry and what has to be considered when choosing the right company?

It is all thanks to our professional team of marketing specialists that approach every task professionally and providently by carefully analyzing what current marketing conditions are, how it can be changed in the future and what can be done to tackle the problems with pinpoint accuracy! For that reason, it can be definitely said that we know exactly what has to be put into the meaning of marketing management in the IT industry and what actions have to be implemented to develop the best product for our customers. When it comes to marketing management, it involves the following:

  • Implementing planning with regards to a specific area where the final product will be located.
  • In detail assessment of possible strategies that can be employed.
  • Strong understanding of actions and strategies that competitors implement.
  • Being up against problems that competitors may produce.
  • Prediction of what might take place in the future, so that the product is made with the view of such changes.
  • Segmentation of products and how it may affect its development.

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