What is Media Marketing in 2020

What is Media Marketing in 2020

What is Media Marketing in 2020

Media marketing is a special type of activity, the purpose of which is to study the media market, obtain, analyze and actively use the information necessary:

– for the functioning of the editorial media and its release, strengthening the financial and economic base;

– to optimize the product presented by the media to the media market;

– to meet the information needs, needs and wishes of consumers of the product, the media audience.

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Marketing turned out to be a prerequisite and a prerequisite for achieving success in the media’s struggle to secure its optimal place in a competitive market, creative and economic, financial and image success. Only by optimizing their marketing activities, editorial directors get the opportunity to realize their plans in other areas of the team’s work and determine the prospects for media development.


The purpose and directions of media marketing

And so, the main purpose of media marketing is to obtain and actively use the information necessary to optimize production and promote goods to the media market that meets the needs and needs of its audience, which helps to strengthen the financial base of the media and ensure its existence [3].


The objectives of marketing determine its main directions:

  • The first of these is getting information about the media distribution region. In this case, we are talking about the well-known founder of the region, its potential consumer, the system of communication, receiving and disseminating information;
  • Another important direction of media marketing is getting the information necessary to determine the place of the media on the media market in the region of its distribution. It is about finding and choosing a specific segment of this market and a niche – the most favorable place on it for the media, allowing its leaders to pursue an optimal financial policy;
  • Study of information about the potential audience of the media;

It’s necessary to research the consumer market, to determine its composition, structure, features of the interests and requests of its participants. Only in the course of such a study, it is possible to establish the contours of the media audience and subsequently – changes in its size and composition.

The main goal is to satisfy the information needs of the reader. It defines current goals, specific marketing objectives and practical activities.


Media marketing involves the use of marketing tools to assess the current position of the product in the market, identify its advantages, study competitors, as well as to more thoroughly analyze consumer behavior, determine the reader’s “image” and preferences, and retain the reader’s interest in the publishing product.

Media marketing covers the full range of development and implementation of activities aimed at directly or indirectly increasing media sales. The media is viewed as a dualistic product, i.e. they are bought by the audience and the advertiser. The advertiser buys the opportunity to influence the audience through the media, so the main object of media marketing is the audience. The growth of advertising revenue directly depends on the success of sales and popularity of the publication.

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