What is Media Planning

What is Media Planning

What is Media Planning

Media planning is a strategic process of developing advertising activity of a brand, product or service, as a result of which the most appropriate communication channels are chosen, the budget is optimized, the brand’s communication plan is compiled. In fact, this process allows to effectively manage the contact of the audience with the brand. Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is ready to cooperate, providing project management and media planning service for its clients.

Usually the media planning process is carried out once a year as part of the overall strategic planning process of a company or during the annual budgeting period. The media planning process is a strategically important process, as well as part of the brand building process.



What is the process of media planning necessary for?

The media planning process is an integral part of marketing communications (or brand promotion). The brand promotion process has 2 main tasks: creating a message to attract an audience to a product and delivering a message to a target audience. Media planning allows you to solve the second task of promotion – message delivery to the target consumer.


With the help of it it’s possible to determine the most effective channel for promoting a message – television advertising, newspapers and magazines, posters at bus stops, outdoor advertising, promotions or social networks. Finally, media planning allows to choose the place and the time and to display the message in order to attract the desired consumer.


In other words, the main goal of the media planning process is to deliver the developed advertising message to the target audience of the product in the best way.


Stages of media planning

The media planning process consists of the following successive stages:

Step 1: Determination of the current position of the brand, product or service in the market;

Stage 2: Briefing: setting goals and objectives that brand communication must solve;

Stage 3: Developing a media strategy to achieve goals. Media strategy defines the channels of communication that will be used in the promotion; period and geography of the advertising campaign; coverage, frequency, media placement strategy, advertising campaign intensity;

Stage 4: Tactical media planning: selection of specific media for an advertising message (TV channels, publications, types of outdoor advertising), determination of the placement format, optimization of placement, scheduling an advertising release – media plan;

Step 5: Determination of procedures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of media planning.


The result of the process is a consolidated flow activity of the brand, in which is written:

  • all the communication channels;
  • total budget advertising campaign;
  • target performance of advertising for each type of activity of the brand – the planned media weight, expressed in GRP and TRP;
  • advertising campaign coverage, advertising frequency, voice share.
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