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The concept of mobile marketing and its content has changed as much as, in fact, mobile technology. Of course, nowadays in this sphere, we are used new and old trends, and it’s very important to know everything about them. Our agency is ready to cooperate, providing project management and mobile marketing of the highest level for its clients.

The concept of mobile marketing and its content from the beginning of the two thousandths to today has changed as much as, in fact, mobile technology. In this review, we will look at new and old trends in mobile marketing, its objectives. We will understand what mobile marketing is and what place it occupies in business strategies today.

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What is mobile marketing?

With the development of technology, the audience of mobile devices is constantly expanding. Their users not only receive calls or write SMS, but also browse websites, check email, make purchases using smartphones. Business is trying to move its strategies to where its consumer is. Therefore, today it is difficult to imagine a marketing strategy that would not include working with a mobile audience.

What is mobile marketing for and how does it work?

Let’s look at a few basic reasons:

  • According to surveys, only 26% of respondents among smartphone users go after waking into the bathroom. 50% of the first check their smartphone (mail, Facebook, news, messages, etc.). But that’s not all. On average.
  • Therefore, mobile communication is the easiest way to reach your consumers. Anytime, anywhere, you can interact with users if your mobile marketing strategy is working;
  • The mobile phone is a very personal device. According to Stanley Morgan, 91% of adult users constantly hold their mobile in an area where they can reach him by hand. Thus, brand contact with a consumer via a smartphone can be partly compared with the user’s contact with his family or friends. Such interaction allows us to build a personal dialogue with the client, taking into account his individual interests and peculiarities;
  • Instant action. If you urgently need to contact a customer, what action will you choose? Call or send SMS. Connect via email or push notifications will also be effective if the user is online. Read more about multi-channel for simultaneous work with different channels of mailings;

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Why mobile marketing is so important in Digital Agency London

Smartphones speed up shopping time by 20%. Compared to last year, 50% of mobile users prefer instant purchases directly from their smartphones. 91% of phone users plan to buy or buy certain products after viewing the relevant ads.

Types of mobile marketing

  • Mobile applications.
  • In-game advertising.
  • QR codes.
  • Mobile banner advertising.
  • Bluetooth marketing.
  • Voice marketing.
  • SMS marketing.
  • The convenience of purchase. A huge number of users today make purchases through smartphones. Mobile commerce is growing rapidly and in many countries already prevails over PC purchases in the e-commerce industry;

At the present time, it is difficult to meet a person who would not use a mobile phone. This is a public communication tool. Even in countries where the majority of the population cannot afford to buy a computer, smartphones are in high demand. Therefore, a successful mobile marketing strategy can reach a very large audience.

So, mobile marketing differs from the usual, because it is focused on users of mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to keep up with progress and use modern technologies.

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