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Nowadays network marketing is rather popular. It’s definitely a good source of income. Our agency is ready to cooperate, providing project management and network marketing service for its clients. If we evaluate the importance of one and the other personalities in the “invention”, the merits will be approximately equal. Moreover, on a closer look, it turns out that two independently leading business people, who hardly heard about each other, came to the same conclusions:

  • Customers are more likely to trust the recommendations of a familiar person, be it a friend or a neighbor, than the most expensive advertising;
  • the method of direct sales significantly reduces the cost of logistics and warehousing of products, virtually eliminates the concept of “commodity balances”;

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The principle of “6 handshakes” makes the geography of a business almost unlimited without significant costs.

Karl Rehnborg discovered another principle, which is still actively used not only in network marketing but also in business as a whole. But it will be discussed in detail later: the rest of the models are really similar. These two businessmen discovered the advantages of network marketing truly independently and fairly accurately (although the term itself was found much later). As for the dates: Karl Rehnborg achieved maximum prosperity in the 40s, and McConnell published his postulates in the mid-80s. But it was the first to create a company that still exists and remains true to the principles of the described type of marketing.

Network Marketing in Digital Agency London

Modern network marketing is not only a source of income. It is also an environment of interesting people. All this, of course, applies only to real companies and real mentors. The most important thing is that the network business is a completely different World. Our agency is ready to cooperate, providing project management and network marketing service for its clients.

Network marketing or MLM. Who about him today did not hear. Yes, perhaps, it is difficult to find such a person. And yet, most people who are not tightly connected with this type of activity do not really know what network marketing is. Someone unnecessarily demonizes MLM, someone, on the contrary, deifies him and considers it almost the only way to make money.

And someone simply does not take it seriously, because it associates network marketing with a girlfriend, which each month brings a colorful catalog and provides an opportunity to buy lipstick at a discount. And what is most interesting – everyone is right, because they are looking at MLM from their wheels.

It should be noticed that the main and fundamental idea of ​​network marketing in general so that everything will fall into place. The marketing process is a business, a business that over time can turn into a business that brings a very, very tangible income.

Every entrepreneur is a creator

A person who independently builds something creates manages the process. What benefits can network marketing give a person? In the first place – this is complete freedom of action and at the same time, independent management of the creative and working process.

The person who made the decision to engage in network marketing must understand that all responsibility for the final result falls entirely on his shoulders. Of course, over time, he will be able to find a lot of helpers and like-minded people and the process will speed up many times over. But, at the initial stage, a lot of work has to be done.

In fact, this business is very simple. You register with the company as a regular customer and get the opportunity to buy goods at a substantial discount. Then you talk about products and companies to your friends and acquaintances. Do you ask what’s so surprising? People always share their impressions of an interesting purchase. But they do it for nothing. And the company pays for it – that’s the trick. Your friends register with this company and begin to buy products for themselves at a discount. And with each product, they purchased a small percentage of the company that gives you.

It should be understood that the income that you end up with depends entirely on your efforts and efforts. For this reason, it is worth doing the chosen thing with full dedication. The advantage of network marketing is, as we mentioned above, complete freedom of action and the ability to build your own, unique and most suitable for you, work schedule.

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Most people who are engaged in network marketing are very active and active people who love to travel and have all the possibilities for this.

It is very important to understand that in order for work in the field of network marketing to really generate income, it is necessary to work actively and constantly improve your labor skills. This approach will allow you to keep abreast of all the necessary innovations and always go one step ahead of others. The main feature of network marketing is an understanding of the process. Ignorance is the key to all misfortunes of a person; bypass it.

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