What is Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding

Personal branding is a way to earn money or get other benefits (influence) on your own image. De facto, this is a material asset of a person, defined by two key parameters – reputation and coverage. Reach is an audience that knows you. Reputation – the opinion of the audience about your person. Large coverage does not always guarantee a positive reputation.

Personal branding is especially necessary in conditions of high competition, or with a significant difference in the payment of services of a known and unknown specialist. Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is ready to provide personal branding for it’s clients.

The creation of personal branding

Personal branding is relevant for the person who plans to benefit from it. A personal brand can be created to promote its services, increase the competitiveness of the product and the company as a whole. It is not recommended to engage in the creation and promotion of the brand, if you are not sure of the success of the project or in its social and ethical qualities. If the business fails, you will be remembered as a loser. If this is a project built on deception, then you will be remembered as a fraud.

Personal marketing and branding should reflect the I-concept of a person who keeps his mission in mind and thinks of himself as a brand. Double life seldom accompanies success – it is always difficult to be a hypocrite. Therefore, you either embody the concept of a brand, or completely subordinate yourself to it. A brand is not only external attributes and lined communications. This is your fundamental and personal identity. Personal branding includes:

Formation of the concept and strategy;

Brand evidence – portfolio, awards, recommendations;

Providing expertise – speaking at conferences, interviews, often – books;

Promotion – marketing, PR, communication with the audience, advertising;

Analysis of the effectiveness of the strategy, reputation management.

Personal brand is inseparable from the person, as corporate from the company. When creating it, it is important to be aware of the I-concept and to anticipate the result of the interaction with the audience. What image do you want to create? What information to convey, and what to bury? How will the communication be ensured and how effective will each of the channels be?

Personal brand opens up new opportunities in the formation of a career. Many experts do not see the difference between the promotion of the product and the person, but it is. However, to some extent, you really should treat yourself as a product. And here it is difficult to overestimate the help of professionals. After all, often a brand can be created even from scratch. A vivid example is ersatz brands that, in essence, do not carry any content.

Personal branding in social networks

One of the most effective channels for branding is social networks. Naturally, to create a brand of Steve Jobs format is not enough. But for more mundane professionals – quite enough. In any case, one cannot ignore the possibility of branding in social networks as an element or a key tool for building a personal brand. Interaction with the audience will provide publicity and expertise.

Through social networks, you can build the right communication, create an image and present evidence of the brand.

Social networks use absolutely everything to promote their own brand, from furniture assemblers to politicians and clergy. At the heart of the promotion is necessarily a strategy that includes the concept of personality and the brand as a whole. It is developed individually, depending on the essence of the image, mission, and even philosophy.

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