What is Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a system of connections with the public, which involves multiple service activities to improve the relationship between the organization and the public, as well as with those who enter into business contact with it, both inside and outside.

Public relations – a very important factor for achieving high business results by achieving mutual understanding, based on true and complete information, contributing to the formation of a decent image of the company, and a direction to improving the quality of ensuring market demands of consumers.

Public Relations, Public Relations, PR (Public relations, PR) is a type of marketing, which consists of stimulating demand for the goods of a certain company by forming a favorable public opinion about the organization and its products as a whole.

Public Relations meaning

For the first time, the expression “public relations” was officially used by American President Thomas Jefferson in 1807 in the Seventh Appeal to Congress. In the 1830s, this concept came into use as “relations for the general good”. The concept of “PR” was originally formed in the field of business. However, today it has also been used to refer to political agitation. The study of public relations as a special area of social relations is carried out by such sciences as social psychology, logic, computer science, management, and marketing.

It is extremely difficult to give an accurate and comprehensive definition of PR because of the breadth of goals and actions covered by this concept. The main purpose of PR is to achieve a high public reputation of the company (or other organization or private person in need of PR services). It is necessary to distinguish PR from advertising: although both provide the process of business communications, however, advertising talks about the product, and PR – to the manufacturing company.

Public Relations success

The success of marketing projects depends largely on the timely establishment of public relations through the extensive use of the media. The modern development of PR is built on a scientific basis and requires a lot of art.

So, public relations are a tool for marketing communications, along with advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, souvenir packaging, and sponsorship. The purpose of PR is to establish two-way communication in order to identify common ideas or common interests and achieve mutual understanding based on truth, knowledge and full awareness. PR uses the following methods: articles, essays, reports, press conferences, and receptions, paid articles, issuing annual reports, posting information on the INTERNET, direct mailing of information materials or materials of a prestigious nature, etc.

Most PR methods are related to the press since personal communication cannot be carried out with the whole public, but only with its part, a specific audience, therefore the university is interested in working with those members of the public who have influence on the formation of public opinion, or in the use of paid media for the distribution of messages.

Public Relations stages in Digital Agency London

The following stages of the organization’s work with the press are preparation of materials on the activities of the university; presentation to the media of materials on the activities of the university; answers to press inquiries; collection and analysis of publications on the activities of the university; monitoring materials on the activities of the university published by the press; creation of a publication bank; providing university staff with information about published materials; organization of “letters to the editor” devoted to the urgent tasks of the university; holding press conferences and briefings; organization of visits by media representatives of events held by the university; preparation and organization of interviews by university officials.

In the course of their activities, modern enterprises constantly encounter various structures, banks, financial institutions, local, regional, municipal and federal authorities, shareholders and market partners, numerous clients and media representatives. It is necessary to establish contacts with informal circles through participation in sports and pop shows, contests, festivals. The complex diversity of relationships also forms a new content for marketing, which is becoming socially ethical, reflecting the social responsibility of business to society.

Socially ethical marketing is one of the basic concepts of the concepts of modern public relations, for which the interests of society become crucial in assessing commercial success. In accordance with this, the main areas of practical implementation of PR at the level of the functioning of a commercial firm (company) include:

  • implementation of a set of forms and methods for improving contacts between the company and its numerous target audiences;
  • development of constructive recommendations for creating a positive public image of the company;
  • implementation of measures aimed at eliminating barriers, excessive interference, elimination of various causes of misunderstanding (harmful, false rumors);
  • preparation of events aimed at expanding the sphere of influence by enhancing the means of propaganda, advertising, exhibitions, video and film screenings of the best-branded samples and achievements.

The success of modern entrepreneurship is achieved in conditions of a close relationship of the basic elements of marketing with the state of public opinion, on the basis of which a unified strategy is developed, which allows combining social and public interests with private entrepreneurship. PR should help to increase the rating of the company and the entrepreneur in the public sphere.

Public Relations services

Public relations services are activities that implement a set of techniques to provide social support to specific business programs and projects. Our agency is working in the sphere of project management and digital marketing, offering high-quality service to all the clients.

Modern PR activities have outgrown the marketing framework and separated into an independent large-scale management function that helps to establish harmony in relations with society.

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