What is Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing

Social marketing is a process of use of marketing tools aimed at improving the level and quality of life of both individuals and society as a whole. Social marketing sometimes also refers to the work of organizations. In this case it’s aimed at promoting a brand through the use of various social values. The connection of the brand with any utility for society allows improving its image in the eyes of potential consumers. Social marketing can be multidirectional. Among the problems, which can be covered by social marketing are ecology, medicine and other socially significant phenomena. No big surprise, that it’s considered to be a tool for learning and promoting in society some social ideas. As part of social marketing, direct promotion of products is usually not realized, but the result of influence on society is increased loyalty to a particular company or brand, which was a participant or organizer of a social marketing event.

Social marketing is aimed at creating and maintaining the perception of a socially significant idea by society and improving the well-being of society in the long term. At the same time, within the framework of it, the market position of the brand or company is strengthened in the eyes of the target audience (and a wider range of potential consumers).


Modern social marketing and its components

If we talk about this process within the frameworks of private companies in the modern sense, it is often called corporate social responsibility. However, social marketing should not be confused with charity events. The key difference is that social marketing is aimed at creating a long-term social effect. Social marketing can be divided into three key elements:

1) Sponsorship is the most popular component of social marketing. Sponsorship is usually aimed at helping individual groups of society (for example, the poor) or supporting activities (for example, sports);

2) Fundraising is the pooling of resources of various organizations and individuals, aimed at improving the quality of life of a society or individual groups. In fundraising events include collective fundraising, competitions for grants from funds, etc;

3) Sales promotion is the formation of the audience experience of involvement in any significant event.


The goal of social marketing, conducted by any company, is to increase the growth of loyalty of potential customers by combining the provision of services or the sale of goods with projects that are useful to society.

The main talks, which are carried out by the specialists, are:

1) Study of the target audience;

2) Work on increasing customer loyalty;

3) Measures to strengthen the brand in front of potential consumers;

4) Improving the quality of goods and services.


To sum up, it should be said, that social marketing is of great importance for the development of goods and services provided by large companies.


If the management of the company plans to develop it at the highest level, but at the same time not to lose a single customer, the use of social marketing will allow to study the wishes of potential consumers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is working in the field of project management, and offers high-quality service for its clients.

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