What is Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing

Viral marketing (viral promotion) is a popular advertising campaign technique, in which representatives of the target audience are the main distributor of information about a company / service. With this approach, there is no traditional description of the benefits of a product and an appeal to buy it; there is not even a direct indication of the goods. Such an advertising campaign assumes originality and is aimed at resonance. The message should “catch” the people who saw it, and provoke to share with their friends on social networks and offline. Viral advertising can be a video, text, image, hearing, game, program, or e-book.


Viral marketing goals

In the marketing field, there is an opinion that a satisfied customer will advise a service or a product you like to two or three acquaintances. He will share some negative impressions with about ten people. It is this mechanism of behavior that often uses viral marketing on the Internet and beyond.


The goal of the marketer in this case is to detect people with high social significance (SNP – Social Networking Potential) and create a viral message that will interest them. The number of people with whom they share information depends on how much are they interested.


Viral promotion methods are as follows:

  • Pass along (transfer) – people send advertising messages to each other: videos, pictures, etc., because they attract attention and like. An example would be the popular PSY video, “Gangnam style,” which was the first on YouTube to break the 1 billion views;
  • Incentivized viral (prompting) promises users a bonus for certain actions. The goal in this case is not a simple promotion of a product or service, but the creation of a platform for a long-term and fruitful relationship with the target audience. For example, there are events, when visitors are offered to do something as to take and “Carry in 50 seconds.” Clients fill in a small questionnaire and start a “race” across the departments of the home appliance store, taking with them everything that was in their hands. For this can be was  50 seconds. The most common example of social networks is viruses like “Become a member of our community, repost this message to your wall and take part in a smartphone / car / perfume lottery”;
  • Undercover (covert method) is one of the most effective variants of viral product / service promotion. It is based on the uniqueness and originality of the content. In this case, do not disclose the advertising message and inject intrigue around it. For example, Google, when launching its social network Google+, issued personal invitations for registration. Otherwise it was impossible to get into it;
  • Buzz (rumors) – a risky method that is not always correct, and in some cases can harm the brand. The goal is to attract the attention of the audience in any way.

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