What is WEB Marketing

What is WEB Marketing

What is WEB Marketing

Placing advertisements online and selling products or services online is the easiest definition of internet marketing.

The content of web marketing marketing, or, if you wish, the work of a specialist of the relevant profile, can be decomposed into four main components, listed in the order of their implementation for any marketing campaign:

  • Strategy definition;
  • Traffic generation;
  • Search and analysis of information;
  • Customer fidelization.

Some internet marketers point out creation, optimization and coordination of site / landing work as separate activities, others consider the only task of a “promotion specialist” – attracting customers via the Internet and increasing sales, which means internet marketing tools are generating traffic, training potential buyers (lead) to purchase, “closing” transactions and ensuring repeat sales.


An internet marketer, in addition to owning a wide range of different tools for conducting advertising campaigns and PR actions on the web, must have “analytical thinking”, i.e. to be able to understand, explain and use the data that it receives as a result of the actions performed.

All these differences in definition are simply a matter of priorities and distribution of responsibilities, especially in large companies, where “Internet marketing” is the result of the efforts of a whole team of specialists, each responsible for their part of the work. Therefore, it would be more correct to consider the whole phenomenon as a complex, as a chain of interrelated steps, and not as a set of individual tools.


A complex approach

From the above, we can conclude that integrated web marketing is not a single action or concept, but a powerful means of promoting a business in a network that includes everything from developing a strategy to retaining existing customers. Consider each of these stages in more detail.


Web strategy development:

  1. Analysis of demand and target audience;
  2. Studying competitors’ offers;
  3. Site positioning;
  4. Actually marketing mix.

It is not enough to come up with a product – you need to identify a strategy for your presence in the market. Without knowing your target audience, you will not be able to attract potentially interested visitors to the site, and the lack of perceptions about competitors in the chosen niche – their weak and strong places, prices, means of production and distribution – will not allow you to create an adequate value proposition.

Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is working in the sphere of project management and web marketing, and ready to offer solutions to all its clients. Before proceeding to concrete actions, a clear plan should be made up, what you want to achieve from your product, to whom it is intended, what needs it satisfies, how much it costs, what channels you want to use and why.

Web marketing is a continuous process whose goal is to strengthen the position of your brand online, attract and retain customers and, most importantly, increase sales.

Traditional media are gradually becoming a thing of the past, giving way to new media, not only because of their availability to the audience, but also due to the ability to more accurately track the smallest changes in the process, which is a great advantage over the usual form of business.

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