Where to Order IT Audit

Where to Order IT Audit in 2019

Where to Order IT Audit

IT audit from the engineers of our studio is a system process consisting in obtaining and evaluating objective data on the current state of the company’s IT systems. Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is working in the sphere of project management, and it audit, ready to offer solutions to all its clients.

The main objectives of the IT audit are to analyze the information infrastructure for compliance with the requirements of the business, modern concepts, technologies and approaches, the required speed of the company’s business processes, as well as the recommendations of leading manufacturers of equipment and software. A qualified and timely audit of the IT infrastructure, characterized by the high quality of all the processes, gives you a guarantee of reliable and efficient functioning of the elements of IT systems and the entire infrastructure of the enterprise as a whole.


Who is this service for?

IT audit is primarily useful for enterprises that want to have real data on the position of their business here and now. To do this, you need to get a valid assessment of the state of your IT infrastructure and outline ways to develop the existing system. A technical audit will help identify existing problems and get qualified recommendations for their elimination, optimize and improve the efficiency of all available resources. In particular, conducting an IT audit can help solve problems and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What place should IT infrastructure take in strategic plans for enterprise development?
  • Does the existing IT infrastructure fully correspond to the goals and objectives of the company’s business?
  • How to optimize IT costs?
  • How to identify and resolve problems associated with failures in IT systems?
  • How to optimize the existing IT infrastructure for real business processes?
  • How to help the accounting to solve all issues related to the inventory of computer equipment?
  • Are the issues of information security and data access control adequately addressed?
  • How is it possible to detect and minimize the risk of leakage of confidential information from the enterprise information system?
  • Are there any shortcomings in the work of IT contractors?
  • When is the most optimal modernization of IT equipment and software?
  • What ways can you minimize the risk of data loss in case of possible system failures?
  • Is it possible to reduce IT costs without losing infrastructure efficiency?

The management of the enterprise and the department of automation acquires the opportunity in the shortest time to obtain comprehensive information about the current state of the IT infrastructure. System administrators instantly receive data on the “bottlenecks” and “black holes” of the IT infrastructure and can make plans for the development of IT infrastructure in a quiet, not emergency mode.

At the end of the data collection, our specialists draw up an audit report, which gives detailed information on the current state of the company’s IT infrastructure.

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