Where to Order Management Audit

Where to Order Management Audit in 2019

Where to Order Management Audit

Management audit is a diagnostic research of the management technologies in order to determine their actual effectiveness, making the necessary changes in the process of production management, commercial, legal and social work of the enterprise. Our agency https://adrenaline-studios.com/ is working in the sphere of project management and management audit, and ready to offer solutions to all its clients.


The management audit pursues a goal that is to systematically check the quality of the functioning of the management system and its segments. The list of main tasks of internal audit of an organization includes:

  • supply chain research;
  • problem evaluation of the management system;
  • critical analysis of the organizational and legal structure;
  • improvement of management accounting, analysis, planning;
  • development and implementation of management audit methods in business practice;
  • adjustment of the management system based on its diagnosis.

Other tasks include the assessment of management analysis and its improvement, the study of the progressive experience of other countries in terms of organizing management audits, and the creation of an automated management audit system. Managerial audit in a broad sense is an economic diagnosis of the company’s existing system of strategic and tactical management of its production, commercial and social activities for the subsequent development of a set of comprehensive measures aimed at eliminating the identified deficiencies.


Internal audit of the organization has always existed. At the present stage, only a professional approach to control measures in the field of management can lead to tangible positive results. Control is performed by:

  • the author’s methodology – based on the professionalism of the manager or consultant. These individuals independently form the mechanism of a certain function;
  • the results of comparison with the activities of other companies specializing in a similar economic segment. In this case, the manager chooses for himself an example of actions, which becomes his guideline in his work;
  • the approved rules and standards distributed to key elements of the organizational system. For this, a continuity is formed in the analysis and improvement of the management system over a significant time period.

In the course of the internal audit of the management system, various audits are carried out, which can be divided into two groups/ In the first group are included the control measures to assess the effectiveness of management accounting. And the second group is formed for control of the organization.


The results of the management audit are needed for:

  • owners of companies and their founders;
  • management of organizations, including lower and middle managers;
  • members of supervisory boards;
  • insurance companies that serve the company;
  • rating centers.

The main users of internal audit also include credit bureaus and management staff selection centers.

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