Why Brand Name is Important

Why Brand Name is Important

Why Brand Name is Important

The brand name is the first thing your brand can catch on the consumer’s mind. In the era of constant information intoxication, when thousands of different kinds of messages fall on you and me on the day when the weekly issue of any reputable business publication contains more information than a person in the 17th century demanded in his entire life, create, not invent, Creating the right brand name is the first important marketing decision to make.

The epoch when it was possible to call the brand with the name of your beloved daughter, or the name of a popular racer are long gone. As well as inventing a resounding gibberish, which seems to mean something, but it seems like not, is also not a good idea. Once upon a time, when companies such as Mercedes, Chevrolet, Kodak and even Apple entered the market, they were among the pioneers, penetrating into the minds of consumers with a new product or a new idea. In accordance with the first law of marketing, which states: “It is better to be the first than to be the best” these companies could call themselves whatever you like, even Mercedes. There is such a story with the brand name, that everyone remembers the first astronaut, the second is understood by far fewer people, and the third is even less. Moreover, at that time there was no such crazy information stream flowing on consumers from all the gaps, there was no such level of competition and it was much easier to stand out.

Nowadays to invent brand name is a serious marketing task, which must also be followed by adhering to certain principles. The problem here is that it is very difficult to say exactly how to do it, however, you can accurately point out a lot of things that should not be done, but that, moreover, is done regularly.

Very often the names of new brands come just from mind. Moreover, business owners themselves are equally affected, because it seems that inventing a name is such a creative entertainment, and creative agencies that make creativity for the sake of creativity and more creative, from the principle: if only I remember. And although the issue of memorization is very important, this is not the only criterion that a correct name must satisfy.

According to the recent studies, most of the companies in this rating paid a lot of money for their names. Fees for inventing the name are calculated in tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is because there is already an understanding of how important it is to come up with a name. No wonder they say: What do you call a yacht, so she sails. Pig Island in the Bahamas – not the most popular tourist destination.

Experience shows that, thanks to this approach, it is possible not only to come up with a clear name, but also to create such TK for designers, which will greatly simplify their work and allow you to visualize the brand quickly and painlessly.

As you have already noticed, the creation of a name requires, first of all, a clear understanding of what you, your brand or your company carries to the consumer, what is your advantage over other offers, and why the buyer should choose you. If you clearly understand the place that you want to take in the perception of the consumer among those who already exist there, then the task of creating the right name for you is greatly simplified.

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