YouTube Ads: How to Start Traffic Campaign

Two billion registered YouTube users per month is a great and diverse audience from 91 countries. Among these people, you can find buyers for most services, entertainment, and goods.

To attract traffic from this site, Google Ads has a separate type of advertising campaign – Video Campaign.

What is the Google Ads video campaign?

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It is an advertising campaign, which ads are seen by YouTube users and visitors to Display Network partner sites. Advertising is a video or graphic video splash screen.

Ads are published on video pages, in YouTube search results, or set directly in videos. Google Ads video campaigns are shown on computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, and game consoles.

What do you need to start advertising on YouTube? – Digital Agency London

For advertising on YouTube you need:

  • An account in the Google Ads system;
  • Own YouTube channel on which at least one commercial must be uploaded. The video must be publicly accessible and allowed to embed on other sites;
  • A landing page without redirects, the contents of which correspond to video ads;
  • A detailed description of the target audience.

How to create a Google Ads campaign on YouTube?

To publish ads on YouTube, do the following:

  • Open the Google Ads (Adwords) website and log in with your account;
  • In the menu on the left, go to the “Campaigns” section;
  • Click on the blue round “+” button;
  • In the drop-down menu, select “+ New Company”;
  • Select “Create a campaign without specifying a goal” to independently control all settings;
  • Select the type of campaign “Video”;
  • Click Continue;
  • Indicate the name of the advertising campaign;
  • Enter the amount of the budget, it can be specified for one day of displaying ads or for the entire campaign as a whole;
  • If necessary, you can set the start date for displaying ads. By default, ads will start showing immediately after moderation;
  • Indicate the end date of the advertising campaign;

Select a bid strategy

You can either limit the maximum price for one viewing of your video advertisement, or indicate your bid for 1000 views, and the system will automatically try to get the maximum impressions at the price you specify. After that, you need to target your advertising campaign.

Targeting in Google Ads for YouTube

Indicate the GEO of your audience. You can select cities, countries or regions from the directory, or specify a point on the map.
Choose one of three options for the type of resource by content (sex scenes, violence). Besides, you can explicitly prohibit certain types of content if you do not want your advertisement to be associated with a negative;

You can exclude those types of content whose audience you do not need, even if it meets other criteria. For example, it makes no sense to advertise products to children who do not buy them;

In the advanced settings, you can specify targeting for specific devices, models, operating systems. For example, turn off the display of ads on Smart-TV, whose users will not click.

Also in the advanced settings, there is a useful item “Frequency cap”. Use it to avoid paying for the multiple impressions of your ad to the same user.

Setting up a Google Ads ad group on YouTube

In the ad group settings, you also need to specify the audience, content and indicate a bid;

In the “Audience” block, you can select standard user groups according to their interests or shopping habits. You can also specify remarketing audiences in this section if you have collected them before;

Indicate keywords that reflect the interests of your target audience. We recommend using broad-based keywords and information queries;

In the “Themes” section, you can select the subject of channels or videos to display your ads;
Enter the amount of your bet.

It will complete the group set up and you need to create ads.

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Creating ads for YouTube

Indicate your video ad by URL or search for it using the search and configure its parameters:

  • Specify a link to the landing page in the “Final URL” field;
  • Separately, you can configure the “Display URL”, it must be on the same domain. This is a cosmetic setting to make your ad look better. For example, you can enter the address of your site, if the final URL is an internal page with a long address;
  • We recommend setting up a call to action. To do this, check the box of the same name and enter the text of the appeal, up to 10 characters;
  • If you are not satisfied with the title automatically copied from the video, you can specify another one, up to 15 characters long;
  • In the URL parameters field, enter the necessary UTM tags for transferring click data to the tracker or web analytics system;
  • Download a 300px square image for the banner.

This is a small icon that will appear next to your ad and remain visible and clickable even after the video is completed. If you do not upload an image, the system will automatically pull up the icon of your channel;
Indicate the name of the ad;

Click on “Save and continue.” This completes the creation of an advertising campaign on YouTube. The data will be sent for review and if the moderators of Google Ads (Adwords) approve, the ads will start showing automatically.

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